our mission

MiLo Ink Books’s mission is 

to publish books that will excite 

parents and grandparents to read 

to their young children and inspire 

them to be creative and encourage 

them to tap into the funny bone 

of their imagination. 


In doing so, MiLo Ink Books strives 

to create wonderful story-time memories that will live strong in the minds of both those reading and those being read to.


our story

In June of 2010, I lost one of the most beautiful and amazing people I have ever met.  My mother-in-law, Lois. She was the 

best grandmother one could ever have. She was funny, loving 

and had the ability to brighten up any room just by walking into it.

On her way to her aerobics class, Lois was killed

in a horrific car accident. 

Time STOPPED.  My Father-in-law’s wife of 40 years was taken from him, my wife lost her best friend, my kids lost an amazing grandparent. It was an extremely rough thing to go through.  

As a husband, father and son, I needed to be strong and
supportive for everyone around me. I tried to keep myself held together by channeling my creative energy and I focused on
writing a SILLY story that Lois would have LOVED to laugh with
and read to all her grandchildren. (She had 4 at the time, ages 3-5).


Forever in our hearts – Mike and Lois 


I shared HOW TO CATCH A COLD with Mike, my father-in-law. He was

just as an amazing person as Lois was.  He LOVED the story and loved
what I was doing to honor Lois. In addition to the 
story, my brother-in-law welcomed into this world a beautiful baby girl who was named after Lois.


Mike was so proud of his son, daughter, their spouses and his 
wonderful 5 grandchildren. For a moment, it seemed like the sun 
started to once again shine on us.

Unfortunately, before the book was finalized, Mike passed away 
of a heart attack while driving home to see us for a family dinner. 
Time stopped once again.

It was then I decided to form MiLo Ink Books. Mike+Lois= MiLo.  
Lois was an extremely talented calligrapher which is where the INK came into play.

I personally thank you for your interest and support of Milo Ink Books.
HOW TO CATCH A COLD is the first of many books to come.

Much love,

Adam T. Newman